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CorrelationX Security App for Splunk

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Our app ties into your CorrelationX subscription, seamlessly integrating all the content from the site with your Splunk Enterprise and provides the capability to automatically load security correlation rules and dashboards from the site into your Splunk instance. View the app on Splunkbase

Splunk Content-as-a-Service

Correlation{X} is a trusted Splunk partner with hundreds of research-driven, cutting edge security searches and dashboard that load directly into your Splunk platform, instantly improving your visibility and threat detection.

The Correlation{X} service includes access to our entire content catalog containing hundreds of advanced security searches as well as access to all the innovative new searches developed by our industry-leading research team. In addition, if you want something custom, simply submit a request and we will develop it.

  • Monitor with unparalleled precision
  • Stay current as threats evolve
  • Maximize your Splunk investment
  • Empower your Security Team
Splunk Content-as-a-Service
Improve Your Detaction Rate

Improve Your Detection Rate

Correlation{X} combines the knowledge of hundreds of leading security experts, ensuring that the highest quality correlation searches are available to empower your security team to detect advanced threats. With Correlation{X} you will get:

  • Vetted Searches that Greatly Improve SOC Efficacy
  • Searches and Dashboard that Cover the Entire Kill Chain
  • Expanded Use of Analytics Based Searches
  • Advanced Visualizations to Drive New Hunting Capabilities

Reduce False Alarms

If your organization is like many, your SIEM may be too noisy, leaving your security team chasing false-alarms. Our correlation rules are vetted by a community of experts, so you can be confident in their quality and accuracy.

  • Improve SOC Efficiency and Morale
  • Shift Resources from Triage to Response
  • Drive Down Costs by Reducing Waste
  • Increase ROI on Your Splunk Deployment
Reduce False Alarms
Overcome the Workplace Shortage

Overcome the Workforce Shortage

CorrelationX can greatly increase the efficiency of your security analysts and will fill gaps caused by turnover by providing expert configurations that are always ready-to-go.

  • Cybersecurity Talent Shortage to Hit 1.5m by 2020
  • Reduce the Need for Expensive SIEM Consulting
  • Augment Existing SOC Engineering Efforts
  • Improve the Efficiency of Your SOC to do More with Less


  • $1B-$10B
  • <$100M
  • 1
  • 5


  • $10B - $20B
  • $100M - $1B
  • 2
  • 10


  • $20B - $100B
  • $1B - $2.5B
  • 5
  • Unlimited


  • $100B - $250B
  • $2.5B - $5B
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited

Enterprise Plus

  • > $250B
  • > $5B
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited

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